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27 Apr

Who Wants a FREE Cookbook?… and Days 23 – 25

Posted in 70 Meals, 70 meals one trip to the store, Contest Winners on 27.04.11 by Smart Ingredients

The shopping plan and recipes presented in 70 Meals, One Trip to the Store can be summed up simply as this: spend way less money on groceries, make many fewer trips to the store, and yet make many more delicious weeknight meals for your family. Find out for yourself… comment on this blog post. From those comments, one winner will be selected at random this Friday to win a free copy for themselves.

Now, back to what I’ve been cooking….

Day 23

Menu: Chicken Enchiladas — have you tried our enchilada sauce? It’s melt-in-your-mouth good! (On our recipes page).

Game plays applied:

70 Meals, One Trip to the Store

Ahhh, it’s great to have everything you need ON HAND to make dinner.

Gifts to Self

Remember that chicken that I pre-cooked and froze? That made these enchiladas super easy to whip up.

Day 24

Menu: Baked Pasta

Game plays applied:

70 Meals, One Trip to the Store

I always have everything on hand to make Baked Pasta.


This is one of those recipes that I call a palette. Once you have the basis of the recipe, you can add whatever ingredients suit your fancy (or that you have on hand). Tonight we used meatballs and spinach.

Day 25

Menu: Pecan-Crusted Fish

This is my favorite fish preparation, mixing the sweetness of honey with savory pecans.

Game plays applied:

70 Meals, One Trip to the Store

There are recipes for Pecan-Crusted Chicken and Pecan-Crusted Fish in the book. Two more delicious meals I can make any night of the year with what I have at home.

It seems appropriate that all three meals in this post were from 70 Meals, One Trip to the Store, when it’s time for a giveaway. Don’t forget to comment for your chance to be this month’s winner.


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2 comments on this topic

  1. Susan says:

    Those enchiladas look heavenly!

    1. melissa says:

      I am SO tired of so many trips to the store. A fridge full of ‘stuff’, and nothing for dinner!

      1. Jenny Anderson says:

        The book is fabulous! The enchiladas are heavenly and dinner is much easier to figure out. Thank you! I would love to win a copy!

        1. Cindy says:

          I love your cookbook and would love a free cookbook to pass on to a friend.

          1. Kristy Ruhl says:

            I love the idea of having everything on hand. Life at our house is so random there is not always time to plan ahead.

            1. Karen Minehart says:

              Would love to win a copy of the book! printing off the enchilada recipe to cook this weekend!

              1. Denise Smith says:

                I would love to win a copy. We have been cutting back more and more since my Husband has been laid off. and any ideas to make food and money go farther I am there.

                1. Lisa LeMasters says:

                  I am always looking for ideas to help me cut down my time in the grocery store, and to save money! This cookbook looks awesome! All the ladies in my Auxiliary want this one!

                  1. Gina Sandoval says:

                    Would love to learn how to cut back on time and expenses while cooking

                    1. Renee Donahy says:

                      I am always looking to get dinner on the table fast. Now with summer coming and all the sports my kids are in…we never seem to have enough time to sit down and enjoy a good meal.

                      1. Carrie says:

                        Thank you for sharing that recipe! We love enchiladas and I am always looking for new recipes to try. This one looks awesome. I’d love that book too! I really cannot imagine getting 70 meals covered in one trip!

                        1. melanie says:

                          I am making these enchiladas for dinner, and I would love a new cookbook!

                          1. VICKI says:


                            1. Rhonda says:

                              I’ve tried to create my own menu plan, but never seem to complete it. I hate having to figure out what’s for dinner tonight and we always eat the same things. This cookbook plus my freezer cooking plans (cook for more than one meal at a time and freeze the excess as lunches or dinner) would be fantastic. I love to cook, but it takes a long time to cook from scratch. This book would be great. Plus, if I win, I’d love to send in guest comments on the recipes. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

                              1. Lynn says:

                                yummmmyyy think I am going to make the enchiladas on sat for hubby and I thanks for all the wonderful ideas, you make my cooking life sooo much easier and more enjoyable!!!!

                                1. Vera tschida says:

                                  I would love a copy of your cookbook!

                                  1. penny robinson says:

                                    I recently lost my job…my Husband has been diagnosed with leukemia…….things are tight around here and a little chaotic as well. I am searching for ways to cut back the expenses in our household…this sounds like just what I need. Thank you so much for your help!!!!

                                    1. Lynda says:

                                      From someone who does not have enough hours in a day this is GREAT, I would love the book!!

                                      1. Alicia Jordan says:

                                        I try very hard to economize my shopping. I try to make more than one item for the chicken I cook, or the veggies I buy. I need new ideas though. I hate leftover food going to waste and extra trips to the grocery store. Would love to have one of your books.

                                        1. Judy says:

                                          I would love to win the cookbook and be more effective with my cooking.

                                          1. Rose says:

                                            Every time I see a post about 70 meals one trip to the store it makes me want the cookbook more! I just don’t have the money to spare at the moment though. pout I think it is the perfect compliment to freezer cooking. I also think it would be a big help to allow my 12 year old daughter to cook dinner more. She loves to be able to cook for mommy and daddy but it takes planning. With 70 meals she could pick out a few recipes and I could make sure we had the things we need on hand.

                                            1. Smart Ingredients says:

                                              This month’s FREE cookbook winner has been notified via e-mail. Check your inbox!

                                              1. Becky says:

                                                I had 2 simple taco instant rice packages which I mixed in a glass oven 9 x 13 pan (did not cook before hand). I laid 3 thick pork chops on top and baked at 325 for about 50 minutes or so and it was moist and flavorful! I really would love the cookbook for my 5 girls! It would be such a help!!