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01 May

WellnessMat Product Review, and Days 26-30.

Posted in 40 Dinner Duos, Cook Once Eat Twice, Win at Dinner on 01.05.11 by Smart Ingredients

What is a WellnessMat? Doesn’t sound like something that applies to a kitchen, does it? It’s also known as an anti-fatigue mat, and it’s a great friend to feet and backs in the kitchen. When I was at the International Housewares Show in March, I saw that the guest chefs all stood on a soft cushiony mat, and a few even commented on how great it was. I immediately thought that I should get myself one as a favor to my sore feet and back. . . so I did, and I promised to write a review.

According to the product website, “Our Original WellnessMats provide your feet, knees, and back ultimate comfort, relief, safety, and well-being while you stand. Once you stand on a WellnessMat you will never want to stand on anything else!”

While I have to take their word for the technical aspects in the first sentence, the latter sentence I can attest to! I love every minute of standing on my WellnessMat. It is a true treat of standing support. An important part of winning in the kitchen is making the kitchen a place you enjoy. And with all the time you spend standing in the same spot in your kitchen “zone”, the WellnessMat is sure to help.

While on the pricey side for a kitchen “luxury”, these mats are extremely well made, and I believe their claims that they will not fray and will last a long time (approximately 7 years). When I think of seven more years standing in that same spot, I’m glad I’ll have the wellness mat there with me.

Day 26

Menu: Buffalo Chicken Salad

Game plays applied:

Flexibility & 70 Meals

Since Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches are in the 70 Meals, One Trip to the Store cookbook, I always have on hand what I need to make Buffalo Chicken. I can’t remember if I didn’t have rolls, or just wanted to enjoy my Buffalo Chicken on a bed of lettuce loaded with shaved almonds, croutons, celery, carrots and blue cheese. Either way, it was stress-free and delicious.

Day 27

Menu: Hamburgers and homemade fries

This dish seems to be popping up a lot on my menu with Spring and grilling season.

Game plays applied


This is also one of those dishes that can be personalized for each family member without me being a short-order cook. If one person wants mushrooms and swiss cheese, and another preferes avocado and salsa, and yet another barbeque sauce and onions, it’s just a matter of toppings.

Day 28

Menu: Shrimp Stir-Fry

Game plays applied

70 Meals, One Trip to the Store & Flexibility

Stir-Fry is always flexible. With the 70 Meals mealplan, I always have rice, soy sauce, garlic, peppers, mushrooms and onions. I also always have chicken I can use. But lately shrimp has been $5/bag and my family loves this high-protein, lowfat fish, so we have been using it often. I will also throw in any celery, snap peas, broccoli or carrots I may have on hand.

Day 29

Menu: Chicken Parmesan

Game Plays applied

70 Meals, One Trip to the Store

Another most-popular recipe from the book. Flavorful, hearty, and always easy to execute with ingredients I have on hand at home.

Day 30

Menu: Cuban Tilapia

Delicious sauce made from olives, tomatoes, capers and wine.

Game plays applied

Cook Once, Eat Twice, and Flexibility

I used the Cuban Sea Bass recipe from the 40 Dinner Duos book (on our site), and substituted Tilapia for the Sea Bass… cause it’s what I had on hand at home.


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