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April 24, 2015

Know Your Story, Love Your Body, Eat for Life Retreat.


Friday night’s canvas art project.

Affectionately known as the R&R retreat, this weekend helps you Relax and Renew. Come take time away from your busy lives to take a breath…. soak in the beauty of The Springs retreat center, and learn strategies for tackling your days with relaxation techniques, low-stress and healthy cooking education and personal story mapping. Bring a friend and/or come ready to forge new friendships. Women will share beautiful cabins in a serene landscape and have their option of activities to explore.

Following are some details about the weekend. Women typically arrive throughout the afternoon/evening on Friday. We will greet you with food, a canvas painting party, and a peaceful welcome into the weekend’s theme. More specific details will be posted soon about the timing of activities for Saturday. What those will be are listed below. We hope to enjoy morning together on Sunday, enjoying leftovers from the weekend for brunch, and each others’ company around the main house table as we wrap up the weekend and send you off with tools of choosing positive over negative and living your best life going forward. 

What to Expect:    There will be structured activities offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All of the scheduled activities/groups are aimed at restoring, connecting, and taking care of you.  If at any point you would be better served by solitude, rest, or another activity of choice, we honor and respect that. The activities are as follows:


Meditation – “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 In the stillness, we can find God’s presence every time. This morning practice will be guided, and is geared to help you enter into the silence of your own soul.

Slow Flow – This yoga practice is for all levels.  We will work on linking breath to movement and using our bodies as a vehicle for prayer and thanksgiving.

Listen to My Life:

Working with the Peaks Map, we will personally explore who we were born to be, and the themes we recognize in our lives that make us who we are as a unique individual, regardless of family experiences or what has happened in our lives. We will listen to and share stories in small groups for affirmation, connection and community. As you take inventory of your current reality you will answer lingering questions, and provide a reference point for current and future decisions.


Your weekend includes cooking classes and meals aimed at living a healthier life whether for you that means eating more whole foods, removing toxins from your diet, or simply destressing the whole cooking process. We will cover it all while together we will make fabulous meals for lunch and dinner. Food items will be provided for all other meals at the main house.

What to Bring:  Bible, journal, “My Life Now” map along with photos or art supplies you may want to use, yoga mat (if you have one), comfortable clothes, hiking boots (property may be muddy). You are welcome to bring your own food for your cabin. Each cabin has a kitchen, which includes a full size refrigerator, toaster, stove top burner, microwave, crock pot, and coffee maker.

How to Sign Up: Please send a note of your plans to attend to Kelly at, Jean at, or Sibyl at Please indicate whether you wish to be put in a cabin with other people you may know who are attending. The retreat fee is $200 which includes all meals and activities. Cabin stay is on a donation basis, with a suggested donation of $25 per night per person. To reserve your space, send a down payment of any amount to Kelly Donlea at 713 Bark Ct., Lake Barrington, IL 60010 or via paypal to To do this, you must login to PayPal using your information. Then choose the “Send Money” option, and input the email.

The Springs:

8173 Davison Road, Oldenburg, IN, located about one hour southeast of Indianapolis. Directions on the website at

… the journey in is a necessary and valued part of retreat:  offering a time of transition, of letting go, and reorienting to receive.   Relax, observe, engage with God and enjoy the drive!

Start: April 24, 2015
End: April 26, 2015
Venue: The SPrings
Oldenburg, IN, United States
Cost: 200

November 13, 2015

Hearts at Home National Conference 2015

Kelly Donlea of Organizing Dinner will be leading two breakout sessions at this year’s Hearts at Home National Conferences. The second conference is in November in Rochester, MN. Here is the information on Kelly’s Breakout sessions aimed at helping busy moms figure out dinner once and for all.


Kelly Donlea

Kelly is the author of 70 Meals, One Trip to the Store, and 30 Spectacular Salads. Her company Organizing Dinner teaches people how to make great food while spending less money at the store and less time stressing about dinner. Kelly and her husband Patrick are the parents of three children and reside in Lake Barrington, IL.

105 – Shop Smart to Make More with Less

 This workshop is based on the 70 Meals One Trip to the Store cookbook. Is the daily grind of making dinner getting you down? Do you find that you buy a lot of this and that at the grocery store that doesn’t always add up to dinner? Learn how to shop for life, not for the week, and how to tune out all the noise of “buy this” or “buy that”. Kelly Donlea will help you:

  • Learn to make dinner a game that you can win.
  • Learn what are your family’s top 10 ingredients, and how knowing that can save you money and make dinner a snap.
  • Save twice as much on groceries without ever using coupons.
  • Save time in the kitchen and make it a fun place to be.

106 – Intentional Eating

 You know you “should” eat healthy, but it’s not always easy. Just being told “eat more vegetables” is not always strong enough to combat the convenience of fast foods. Instead, learn to look at eating healthy as eating intentionally. Give your body a gift and eat as God intended – to nourish. Kelly Donlea will teach you:

  • How you can achieve great taste with healthy ingredients.
  • About Superfoods and how to incorporate them into your family’s diet.
  • To “Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.

Start: November 13, 2015
End: November 15, 2015
Venue: Mayo Civic Center
Rochester, MN, United States