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30 Mar

Win a FREE Cookbook, and Win at Dinner

Posted in 70 Meals, 70 meals one trip to the store, Contest Winners, Shop Smart on 30.03.11 by Smart Ingredients

Here are some things last month’s winner had to say about her FREE copy of our best-selling cookbook 70 Meals, One Trip to the Store:

  • The concept of shopping less often, having a plan and the ingredients on hand, to get dinner on the table every day is one most of us dream of. This attractive, well-designed book, 70 Meals One Trip to the Store, gives us the tools to get headed in that direction. The brilliant idea of having a group of recipes that share common ingredients, yet are not so similar as to be boring is at the heart of this system. As the author puts it, getting rid of “ingredient clutter” will let you buy less, save more money, simplify and speed up your shopping and make getting dinner ready much easier.
  • The 70 recipes are easy to read and one per page, so you don’t have to flip back and forth while cooking. They’re all very simple, so even beginner cooks can master them.
  • What would I add to this? A little more information on just how 70 meals can be made with one trip to the store as the title suggests. Maybe adding vegetable side dish suggestions to the recipes would be helpful.
  • To help busy cooks a little more, suggested preparation and cooking times added to each recipe might be helpful. It’s always nice to select recipes based on how much time we have to spare to make them whether it’s active time or unattended time.
  • The tips and tricks are very useful and will really help the organization and flow in the kitchen at dinner time. Also, having the recipe index, listed by protein in the front of the book was a very smart idea. I wish more cookbooks were arranged this way.
  • Overall, I really like this cookbook and the system of organization it follows. You don’t need to be so militant as to have months of meals already planned out day by day. That’s the real brilliance behind this system; once you’ve got your pantry stocked, you can decide what to have for dinner at the last minute and not have to follow a set schedule.
  • All of the recipes sound delicious and are varied enough that there will always be plenty to choose from for something interesting to serve. I’m certain that many of these recipes will remain in my go-to repertoire to serve over and over.

Thank you Nancy! Your comments really hit the nail on the head about why this book is so helpful at dinnertime. I will try to incorporate your suggestions, and add prep and cooking time to the recipes online too.

Now, how about a FREE copy for you? Just enter a comment to this blog post to be entered to win. We will randomly select a winner on Friday!


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