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23 Mar

30 Days of Dinner; Days 8-10

Posted in 70 meals one trip to the store, fish recipes, Uncategorized, Win at Dinner on 23.03.11 by Smart Ingredients

It’s always a matter of timing….

Day 8

Fish Fillets with Garlic-Kissed Spinach, and Stuffing

Today is a Tuesday, and one of our busiest days. I got home at 5:30, and needed to find something I could start prepping, pause and go pick up my daughter at choir, and then serve fairly soon after returning home. I chose tilapia on a bed of garlic with a side of stuffing. I sauteed spinach in garlic salt and olive oil for 3 minutes, placed this in a baking dish, topped it with the fish, drizzled the fish with 1 tablespoon melted butter, and sprinkled with bread crumbs. I covered the dish and placed in the refrigerator, turned on the oven to preheat and headed out. When I returned home, the fish went in a hot oven for 20 minutes while meanwhile I prepared the stuffing.

Game Plays:

70 Meals, One Trip to the Store: Based on the 70 Meals cookbook, there are 3 types of meat I always have on hand: ground beef, chicken and fish fillets (usually Tilapia). This recipe is on e of the many fish recipes in the book.

2/3 Rule: Fish and Spinach were prepared fresh, stuffing was from a package.

Day 9

Crab-Stuffed Shrimp, Sliced Cucumber Salad and Brown Rice

My family loves shrimp, and I am always trying new ways to prepare the prawns. Inspired by a recent demo by Paula Deen, I decided to try one of her shrimp recipes. It called for a crab salad rolled inside shrimp, and then wrapped in bacon. I chose to avoid the bacon to reduce the fat in the recipe, and ended up “placing” the crab on top of the shrimp as a sort of crab cake-topped prawn. While prepping the shrimp, brown rice went in the cooker, and I sliced up some fresh cucumbers with onions, Greek yogurt, hot sauce and garlic salt for a quick side salad.

Day 10

Grilled Bratwursts and Lentil Soup

I have to work tonight, but was home during the day, so I made the soup ahead of time, and all hubby had to do was grill the brats to get dinner served.

Game Plays Applied:

Gifts to self: A week or so ago, when making soup, I made a large portion of “soup starter” which for me is a roux (butter and flour) sauteed with onions, black pepper, and then brought to a boil with my favorite soup base, Vegeta. I transferred this into 2-cup portions in large Ziploc bags and placed in the freezer. All I needed to do was warm this on the stove, add a few cups of water to hydrate the lentils, and the lentils.

Click here to see the game plays.


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