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07 Jul

Shopping Smart in Bulk

Posted in 70 meals one trip to the store, Shop Smart, Uncategorized on 07.07.10 by Smart Ingredients

Today I went to Costco, the local food warehouse near where I live. It was time for a stock up in my house. In addition to the bulk-size snacks, and the replenishing of my 70 Meals semiannual list, I got 6 pounds of ground beef, at $2.99/pound, 12 large, boneless skinless chicken breasts vaccuum sealed by twos, and 10 frozen tilapia fillets. I was tempted by much of the premade, prepackaged dinners that the grocery warehouse has to offer, and I even grabbed one frozen dinner to have in a pinch. But knowing that I am shopping Smart, means I can make a hot healthy homemade dinner any night f the year (activities or no) with little time, and little stress, and no help from the pre-packaged aisle.

Bulk shopping is great. It can be scary when you’re not committed to using the food, but once you’ve committed to a plan, such as 70 Meals, One Trip to the Store, have declared that you are in fact going to cook using that food, and know that you are buying Smart Ingredients that you will in fact use, it makes all the sense in the world. One you have rid your cabinets of ingredient clutter (items that are rarely used), you will have the room you need for your Smart Ingredients. For me, for example, buying, in bulk, items like canned diced tomatoes, pasta, mixed vegetables, frozen spinach, chicken broth, makes great sense, because I am plowing through them over the next few weeks in hot, healthy, no-stress meals for my family.

Now that you’ve committed to figuring out what your Smart Ingredients are that lead to dinner success in your home, it’s time to stock up on them, and take a major step toward never fearing the question “What’s for dinner?” again. Here’s a link to the 70 Meals semiannual pantry-stocking list:

Semiannual List


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2 comments on this topic

  1. Amy Bendall says:

    I am so excited! A year after your class, I finally, today, bought all the ingredient on the semi-annual list and weekly list – there is already a HUGE sense of relief as far as dinners go… no more of having “this and that” ingredient but not “that” ingredient so I can’t make it….

    1. Smart Ingredients says:

      Amy, I am excited too! I think you are going to relish in the relief of always having things on hand that add up to easy dinners. Let me know how it’s going.